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Dr Lavanya K is an experienced Family Physician.., the broadest speciality in medicine, which forms the first line of defense for the patient. Her view of patient care is oriented to the patient rather than the disease, and her concern is the continuing welfare of the patient in the full context of his life situation rather thanks the episodic care of a presenting complaint.
She has extensive experience and expertise in treating infectious diseases such as fever, flu, asthma, Gastroenteritis, Dengue fever, typhoid fever as well as lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
She has done Fellowship in Diabetology in 2014.
She has also completed her Diploma in Family Medicine.
Her Special traits are Compassion, Professionalism, Humanity, Honesty and a Strong work Ethics and she believes not in medicating the patient, but in educating and inspiring hope for her patients.
Dr. Lavanya Karanam is the general physician at Fostr Multispeciality Hospital. She has completed her fellowship in Diabetes.