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About the doctor

Dr Nataraj H M is a senior consultant and a well experienced Orthopedic surgeon. He is considered an authority in treating knee and shoulder problems and sports injuries. He has been recognized among the peer for his pioneering work; to name a few-

1) First surgeon in Southeast Asia to perform knee arthroscopic meniscal repair with Zimmer-Biomet meniscal repair device

2) First surgeon in India to perform computer navigated (GPRS) total shoulder replacement

3) First surgeon in India to perform arthroscopic ACL reconstruction with ‘button fix’ adjustable loop anchors

4) First surgeon ever to perform triple row rotator cuff repair with Syronix suture anchors. Also one among the very few surgeons in the world to perform this procedure

5) First surgeon in south India to perform arthroscopic Bankart repair for shoulder dislocation with ‘Vim Fix LR’ suture anchors

He is highly competent in performing various surgeries like –

  • Computer-assisted knee replacement
  • Arthroscopic (Knee) ACL reconstruction, Meniscal repair
  • Arthroscopic (Shoulder) rotator cuff repair,
  • Arthroscopic Bankart repair and Latarjet (Shoulder dislocation surgeries)
  • Complex fracture surgeries
  • Minimally invasive orthopaedic surgeries

His acumen in diagnosing and managing bone and joint-related trauma is very high. He excels in trauma management and is part of the hospital polytrauma team.

He practices evidence-based medicine and follows universally accepted treatment protocols