We live a fast paced life, constantly compromising and manoeuvring our day to day activities and habits to suit the surroundings and its expectations from us. We forget to live life for ourselves, and we forget to live in tune with nature. We live lives for the present as far as our health is concerned and conveniently forget or pretend to ignore our future. Any imbalances experienced during this phase receives no much thought, but is addressed through quick fixes. Most of the times, a proper medical advice is not sought, and one tries to fix it through OTC medications, simply for the want of time for oneself and to find time to fulfil responsibilities.

Where are we heading to? We invest the precious time into the job, expecting it to translate into a comfortable livelihood for now and future. Does this comfort involve only money? Are we guaranteed a healthy future? What is it of use, if the state of health does not let one enjoy it? Is a financially secure life an alternative to healthy life?

Life could be well lived only if the body as a whole, is in a state of balance. This balanced state of the physical body and the mind, could be achieved by bringing small changes into our routine. The key is to start loving oneself and to celebrate lives through healthy living. It’s never too late to start making these changes, though earlier the better.

Though Naturopathy and yogic sciences has emerged as a system of medicine, it is more “a way of life”. The teachings are of healthy eating and life style practices which promote well being, prevent disease formation and aid early intervention in the progression of disease. Disease progression does not happen overnight. It’s a process where the body gets into a state of imbalance, leading to illness and then ultimately disease, which is a pathological state. Recognising this shift of balance and addressing it through life style modifications will ensure better health.

Here are few tools, for healthy living.

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